Give Hope

200,000 dollars, 200,000 students

$115,410 of $200,000 Raised as of 12/12 2:00PM PT


Give Hope (#GiveHope) is an opportunity for NSP supporters new and old to make a big impact on the lives of lost high school and middle school students.

Running through November, the Christmas season, and the new year, Give Hope’s goal is to reach 100 schools this year. On average, each of these 100 schools is home to 2,000 students, representing a total mission field of 200,000 students!

We want to see every student given the opportunity to receive the hope of Christ.

It will cost about $2,000 per school to close out the 2018-2019 school year.

Thanks to generous NSP supporters, the next $8,700 raised will be matched dollar for dollar. Meaning you have the opportunity to have your donation doubled! Give now before funds run out!

#GT Heart (1)

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (November 27) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

This #GivingTuesday, thanks to your support and the support of many others we raised $52,000 to help public school students hear the gospel! Praise God! To learn more about our overall goal of $200,000 see above. To hear real-life stories of students that are impacted by your gift scroll down.

“I have hope to keep going…”

“For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have hope to keep going!” That’s what one young girl – we’ll call her Amanda – wrote on a response card the day she accepted Christ.

Christian students in Southern California used national Bring Your Bible to School Day as a way to draw students to the Christian club and to get the gospel message out on campus. They invited guest performers from a local outreach ministry to perform a free hip-hop concert and to communicate the gospel message of Jesus Christ. 200 students attended the event, and a few students indicated first-time decisions for Christ.

Today, your support can GIVE HOPE to students like Amanda.


Jason was a sophomore at Carl Schurz High School when the president of the Christian club invited him to attend a gospel event that the president and his church were putting on at their school. There, Jason learned about a God that knows him and loves him. It changed his life.

He later told an NSP Campus Mentor that that moment was when he found true meaning in his life. He began sharing the gospel almost immediately and, by the following year, he was a leader in the Schurz Christian club.

The hope of Christ changed Jason’s life, and he wants to share it with everyone. Jason says: “Knowing that there are others who have not heard of the good news of eternal salvation breaks my heart, and it drives me forward to evangelize and share the word with anyone and everyone… I became a club leader at my school so that I could advance God’s kingdom… It is God’s heart to see souls saved, and it is my ultimate goal to bring revival to the schools all over the city.”

Working with NSP, Jason has learned to share his passion for witnessing and to mobilize fellow Christian students to share the love of God with their peers so that they can Give Hope to even more students at his school.



The Need

NSP believes that the gospel can have a real impact on people’s lives. Because of this fact, NSP is using Give Hope as a catalyst to deal with these major issues and many more in today’s schools.


School Shootings

This year has seen an intense focus on school shootings and their perpetrators. To the average student, this has made the campus into a place where they can no longer feel safe. Our hearts break for the students who feel lost and desperate enough to commit school shootings and for the young students with bright futures and ambitions that have been lost. We mourn, and we work closely with many students who are very, very afraid. We know Christ is the only hope for the millions of students in this country. And so we work in earnest to reach every student that we can, to address their very real fears, share with them the broken heart of God, and show them that God has worked and is working to make all things right. [Photo © John Minchillo / AP]

Teenage Suicides

When you look at suicide statistics, you inevitably begin to see patterns. Suicides spike on Mondays and after holidays; researchers guess this has to do with the disappointment that follows thwarted expectations. Almost by definition, suicide points to an underlying psychological vulnerability. The thinking behind it is often obsessive and then impulsive; a kid can be ruminating about the train for a long time and then one night something ordinary—a botched quiz, a breakup—leads him or her to the tracks. The hopelessness that this reaction reveals only serves to increase our sense of urgency for the message of hope to be proclaimed to these students whose lives are so precious both to Him and to us.

HIV and Other STDs

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that young people make up a quarter of the sexually active and account for half of the 20 million new STD infections in the United States each year. (That’s 10 million infections a year!) The infections include debilitating diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, the human papillomavirus, and, most destructive of all, HIV and AIDS. All these STDs can do permanent damage to life, but HIV is almost always fatal. Once acquired, HIV is lifelong and being infected as a teen almost always leads to death as a young adult. Instead of seeking fulfillment from empty, unsatisfying sources like sex and drugs, we are praying for the day when every student can find true fulfillment in a relationship with the one who saves!

YES! I want to give hope to students! I want to give to help NSP raise $200,000 to reach 200,000 students.

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